Electronic cigarettes explained

You have probably noticed by now that some people still smoke in places where smoking is not allowed. You probably wondered how come they are not afraid of getting a fine or how come they are not a least bit ashamed. Then you probably realized that the room doesn’t even smell like smoke, even though someone is obviously smoking. It all made sense once you realized the person is smoking something that only resembles a cigarette, but in fact it is not.

Electronic cigarettes are designed to mimic the cigarette smoking experience to the maximum. They are shaped and colored like a cigarette and something like cigarette smoke comes out when you smoke it. The thing is, it is not actually smoke nor is there any actual tobacco in it. So, how does it work then?

E-cigarettes or e-cigs consist of several components. It uses a special liquid with nicotine in it, which is turned into vapor with the help of a component called the atomizer. The liquid is contained in a cartridge that ends with a mouthpiece and the whole thing is powered by a rechargeable battery. In some models the cartridge and the atomizer are two separate components, but more and more manufacturers start selling e-cigarettes with the two components integrated into one, called the cartomizer. Like cartridges, cartomizers are also good for a certain number of uses, after which they need to be replaced or refilled.

An e-cigarette is activated either with a small switch or automatically the moment you start inhaling it. This puts the atomizer in motion and turns the nicotine solution in vapor. The vapor is inhaled like smoke from a traditional cigarette and, of course, exhaled. The main difference between the electronic and the regular cigarette is that in e-cigs there is actually no smoke. Smoke is the result of burning and e-cigarettes don’t burn. The vapor mimics the consistency and the color of cigarette smoke, but with one big difference – it does not smell like smoke and it does not harm the others in your environment. It dissolves quickly into the air and does not leave the unpleasant smell on your clothes, curtains and hair like traditional tobacco cigarettes do. With electronic cigarettes, there are no butts, ashes and burns.

Most people order their e-cigarettes online. If you are a beginner, you will probably choose a starter kit, which comes with one or two batteries, several cartridges or cartomizers, and chargers (either a USB charger or a wall one, but usually both). In addition, you can choose the type and the flavor of the liquid. Most brands come in at least five different flavors, including several tobacco flavors. Once you use up a cartridge or a cartomizer, you can easily replace them with another one you ordered or purchased, or you can refill it with e-liquid. Refilling the blank cartridges is somewhat cheaper than replacing them, which is why many people go for that option.

Electronic cigarettes save you a lot of money since, all expenses summed, they cost far less than traditional cigarettes. Another great benefit is that you can smoke them anywhere you want, with no restrictions. Finally, even though electronic cigarettes are still unhealthy for you because of the nicotine, they are less harmful than regular ones, mainly because there is no carbon monoxide, tar and other dangerous chemicals and substances.

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